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Gebr. Perzina
European Standard Quality
Rated amount the Japanese Yamaha in group two
My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require.
Sitting right on the border of a 'baby grand' and 'studio grand' label, the piano deftly does both: fits a smaller room without overpowering the space, but also provides a full sound easily mistaken for a 5'10". Taking advantage of Perzina's signature tail design, the piano has dramatically larger strings and soundboard area than other pianos in its price range as well as size, and delivers a a sound that is clear, complex, and very responsive .

A floating soundboard plate design for a more free vibration and sound enhancement.
A reverse-crown soundboard which projects the sound toward the performer.
A german perzina scale design and larger soundboard which allows for extra length to the bass strings.
European hornbeam action with german Renner or Abel felt hammers.
All actions are handmade and individuallyweight calibrated for a balanced touch
The 188 is the ultimate addition to your home, studio, or institution. The ROYAL is an exquisite performer, bringiing an American-style bass response and a distinctly Western-European clarity to bear. An exacting level of finish, both in aesthetics and musical quality, makes the 188 Royal a dominant and substantial contender to the 21st century piano world, and simply must be a consideration for any piano purchaser in its category .
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