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Yamaha: call us today, and get more for the same money
Over 50 used Yamaha in stock at our Bellevue location, call us today and learn what you need to know when purchasing a used Yamaha piano. Our Yamaha pianos are purchased from Japanese families, and refurbished in Japan then ship to our factory for a secdonary inspection and exterior refinish, unlike many piano available on the market that is just polished, you can get so much more with the same money when you purchase from Piano & Keyboard Center.
Yamaha U1 , U3 & other popular models

Most known for its popularity and professionally designed action, the yamaha U1 and U3 are the perfect choice for beginer and advanced players. Rated much higher than some other Yamaha verticles made in other region.

You can save up to 70% when you purchase a used yamaha from us, and our used piano comes with a 10 year warrenty. We are confident in our product, because that is what we did for the past 40 years.
Steinway verticle and grand pianos

Our president Wayne Chen was trained in Stainway Hamburg factory, he has rebuilt concert grand pianos use the old school method for well known pianoist around the globe. Each steinway displayed in our Bellevue and Toronto location are all hand picked and restored to perfection. Wayne's skill gained from the hamburg factory allows him to provide the best opinion to our customer.

Our inventory around the globe has all models and even some rare special editions. To receive the best offer and knowledge on a used steinway piano, please call or email us. Appointment with Wayne also availble upon request.
Yamaha Grand Pianos

Our Yamaha grand pianos are hand picked from Japan to ensure the best quality for our customers. Receive biggest savings on most celebrated models like C and G series. Special ordering available upon request.

To learn more about the used Yamaha grand pianos, please call 425-643-8163